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degenerative disc/pregnancy

I am in the same position now-I have a disc degeneration in the lower spine and a herniated disc as well. I want to start trying soon, but am worried about the whole pregnancy/delivery as well. What did you decide and how did it turn out? Hope you're feeling better!

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I have degenerative disc disease in my lower back as well. I almost broke my back last summer too and had a long recovery in a wheel chair and I was stubborn and made myself walk (omg the worst pain ever). I also have chronic sciatica, chronic upper right quadrant pain (unexplained) and fibromyalgia.

With this pregnancy, the only real back pain I have had is some bad pelvic girdle pain. It's hard to walk sometimes, but I contribute this to all my issues prior to pregnancy, not really the ddd. Actually the normal pain I usually get in that area is not really present this pregnancy at all. I get tight sometimes, but a massage from OH really helps.
Everyone will have different experiences with their pregnancies. The hormones and bodily changes affect everyone differently even if they have the same chronic ailments. For example, those with fibromyalgia usually either have an increase of symptoms (me) or their symptoms almost disappear. It can be that way with just about anything. My one suggestion is to take it easier when you do get pregnant. Don't push yourself too hard. Also swimming will help release some tension in the back and take a lot of weight off the body. It''s important to modify things when pregnant with a chronic ailment. Just be patient with yourself.

As for taking medications, I went cold turkey off all pain medications right when I found out I was pregnant. I was on 7 different ones. I do take tylenol and I agree it used to do nothing, but I think something changed during pregnancy. Maybe the hormones? I don't know, but tylenol actually helps a bit now. I am also able to take tylenol PM and that helps a lot when I need sleep and can't get any because of any pain I am having.

As for the epidural. I am scared to get this because it would be my luck to be that small percentage that had a lot of pain after the birth. But I am still considering it, well a walking epidural anyhow.

Don't be afraid of what may come. We are stronger than we think and can get through it. For me, the thought is, "it's only 9 1/2 months and it could be worse. At least I get a beautiful baby out of it and I'll go through anything to get him here healthy." It's kind of like a mantra I keep telling myself. It makes things a lot more bearable.

Good luck hun.

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How'd it go??

Originally Posted by warrenites View Post
I have degenerative discs and have had two children. I also had a back surgery when I was 20. I was very worried, as you are now. I am not going to say it will be easy, but it will be worth it.

It is hard to say exactly what pain issues you will deal with because everyone is affected so differently with their pregnancies and back issues. My back problems have been much more prevelant since having my first and deciding we would like one more has been a difficult decision.

In my case, the third trimester was when my back would start shifting. Massage and chiropractic care helped me through that. Labor and delivery is what I really worried about, but had to pain (well, extra pain!) or extra difficulty due to my back. However, the biggest problems came after the babies were born. Especially with my second. My back shifted extremely out of place. It was one of the hardest times for me because I had a young child and a baby that needed me and I could not easily move. After a couple months of physical therapy and a cortisone injection things improved and I have not had any other major issues in the 2+ years since.

Recently, since we are preparing to try for a third, I asked my back doctor about the big trouble coming after. He said hormones might play a role since they are changing so much. I also believe it is because the muscles that have to work extra hard to support a spine with DDD are stretched out and weak.

Okay, so I have been thinking about what I should do to hopefully not have a repeat of what happened after my second. Maybe some of it will help you.

First, try to be in good physical condition really focusing on core strength. I was in pretty good shape that way and still had major issues. I would just hate to see how much worse they would have been had I no strength or stability in my core. Work on the exercises your doctor, therapist, chiroprator give you. Stretching has made a huge difference in my back functionality.

Second, enlist the help of a chiropractor or physical therapist from the beginning. I plan on going back to my chiropractor for most of the next pregnacy in hopes that it will help keep things relaxed and flowing better. I am not going to wait for any pain or shift to really set in. My chiropractor did have me see the massage therapist a lot last time and I am convinced that played a major role in things calming down. So a regular massage is on my list of things to do during the next pregnancy.

Third, try to get in to a physical therapist after delivery. I plan to do that as I believe their techniques will help the body adjust to all the post-pregnancy changes.

I am nervous about going into this again, and I am not getting any younger, which is not in my favor when it comes to a bad back, but my husband and I have felt strongly that our family is not quite complete. My hope and prayer is that these things will help it run more smoothly, but I know the blessing that will come to us will be so worth it. There is nothing like the feeling of delivering your baby and then holding him/her in your arms.

I wish you the best in your decision. I know you posted this a few months ago, but I hope it helps. As I said before everyones' body is different. Best luck in finding what works for you.
This is prob a long shot, old post 2010, but how did baby #3 go? Have the three steps you planned help you through and post? Thank you

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