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SMP - how much is it monthly

Hi Ladies,

Im just wandering for those of you who receive SMP - can you just clarify the figures for me. I know its around £123 per week, is there tax or NI to come off that?

My work will pay me this monthly, does anyone else receive this monthly, if so how much is it exactly each month?

Trying to work our our finances, quite a thought!

Thanks for your help


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it's 124.88 a week and i think that's in your hand (don't quote me on that!)

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its £124.88 a week, BEFORE tax and NI.
I need my work to give me a breakdown of what i will actually get, otherwise i have no idea of how much will be taxed.

On top of this you can get child benefit and what ever else you're entitled to

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You will lose some of it to NI but not much...but every month will not be the same. The smp is paid weekly so it depends if there's 4 or 5 weeks in the month you get paid.....if i remember correctly mine varied between apporx £470 and £580 depending if it was a 4 or 5 week month.


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I think i get £20 a week child tax credit on that too (based on OH earnings)

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It's around 124 a week or 90% of your weekly wage, whichever is lower.

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does anyone know if it makes a difference if you get maternity allowance instead of SMP paid by your employer? I know the amounts are the same but was just thinking you might get less taken off if you get the mat allowance from one source and your mat pay separately from your employer?

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