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Thanks guys, lots of fab responses.

Kiwi - yep I know about the nappies, have got my re-usable tots bots all ready to go and I will buy eco disposable ones (not tested) for the times I need them.

Fossey - Yep Johnsons is a huge no no, they test on puppies in cages - horrific stuff I use co-op stuff for all my washing and cleaning, but have not really seen baby stuff in my local one. Maybe it is just not big enough tho, I shall look out for a larger store! Weleda sounds like a good option, had forgotten about them - thanks!

Thanks Ema, I have the BUAV little book somewhere, need to take it with me when I go baby shopping!

Hevz, I did the same as you and will post some of the ones I liked in a min!

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Sainsburys and Superdrug

Superdrug and Sainsburys dont test their own brand baby products on animals. That also goes for cleaning products and other beauty products....

however I do know that superdrug can not guarentee the make up isnt tested on animals because its made by sister companys that probably do.

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I've heard great things about Earth Mama Angel Baby, though they can be a bit difficult to find in the UK. I intend to hunt them out for their nipple butter and bottom spray (for mums), but they also make great baby stuff too. Also, Burt's Bees, though they aren't cheap either.

The best thing I've ever found for myself are any of the Dr. Bronner soaps, and they do make a baby soap as well, which is organic and cruelty-free. It's probably cheaper than the others, especially if you buy in bulk.

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I'm using reusable nappies too and reusable wipes.

Have you been on the natural parenting section - those ladies are great for advice.

Re: products, I'm not planning on using much. They don't actually need baby products. I'm using olive oil or coconut oil for skin if needed. Water for cleaning, possibly with camomile tea, tea tree drops if rash.

Been recommended cc balm if required.

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Ooh, watching this thread :-)

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Co op own brand products are labelled as not tested on animals, they are BUAV approved. Also most of them are labelled that they do not contain animal products. I get all cleaning products, toiletries, baby wipes, baby toothpaste, etc from there. Also superdrug own brands are labelled not tested on animals and state if they are suitable for vegetarians and or vegans.

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Originally Posted by Fossey View Post
Best way to check is read the back... It needs to say product AND ingredients not tested on animals by or for *company*

If it says product not tested, usually means ingredients has. If it says not tested by US usually means it was tested before they bought it.
Fossey is correct, most cosmetic products are currently not tested on animals but have been in the past and all ingredients will have been tested. The way companies get round this is that the testing is carried out by the raw material supplier, not the manufacturer allowing them to sell the product as cruelty free and even say the ingredients haven't been tested but that only covers their part of the supply chain....
I'd go with the BUAV recommended products as they will have researched the supply chains to minimise any testing, don't believe what the manufacturer puts on the bottle!

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Sainsbury's own brand don't and have the BUAV bunny. I also emailed Tesco asking them. they said they didnt but they no longer have the bunny so not sure. Superdrug own brand dont either and there are a couple of others I think. Also for wipes we have been stocking up on Jackson Reece wipes as they don't.

We are very funny about things like that so all baby products I have been buying arent tested (we started this about 8 months ago and try where ever possible to buy cruelty free). We also plan to use cloth nappies.

PM me if you have any questions!

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I got a great nappy cream in australia whilst pregnant but I can't remember what is is called - it was 100% papaya?

Any ozzies/kiwis able to help me out?

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