View Poll Results: have you been treated infairly at work while pregnant?
No my boss is a star 24 50.00%
yes my boss has treated me unfairly 19 39.58%
staff have treated me unfairly 5 10.42%
Voters: 48. You may not vote on this poll

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Old Nov 6th, 2008, 06:21 AM   1
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How many of you get unfair treatment at work while preg?

I have been noticing around the forum that so many women here who are pregnant get treated unfairly by their employers. I was shocked actually that in this day and age with all the discrimination rights emplyees have that bosses are still doing this. I dont work by the way so feel a but weird asking but I cant stand to see poeple being treated unfair anywhere and if this thread maybe helps some people come out about what happened to them and get something done about it then so be it.

Please feel free to tell your story and share experices on how to help each other.

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Old Nov 6th, 2008, 11:27 AM   2
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I voted on the poll - I have been treated really well at work.....

But.......I think that is more to do with the fact that I work for one of the emergency services. Because they are (obviously) a big, government-run 'company' they are forced to put things in place to look after & protect pregnant women. They just wouldn't be able to get away with treating us badly....

I have to add that my immediate line manager has been a really pain - he just doesn't get how hard being pg can be.....but, because of who we work for, he still has to treat me nicely!!!

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Old Nov 6th, 2008, 11:51 AM   3
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I was treated like shit when I first found out I was pregnant. That's the reason I left.

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Old Nov 6th, 2008, 13:37 PM   4
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How were you treated unfairly out of interest?

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Old Nov 6th, 2008, 14:46 PM   5
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I would say I was treated "fairly" but there is a difference between fair as in the legal requirements like you are allowed off for your hospital appointments and "special treatment" as in sure take the rest of the day off after your hospital appointment.

Some girls in my work seemed to think they could get special treatment while pregnant and this is not the case. If you want full pay you have to work, if you are too sick to work while pregnant take off sick and you will get stat sick pay (or pay from work if you are lucky!)

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Old Nov 6th, 2008, 15:30 PM   6
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i've been treated very bad by the gen manager who made a complaint about me using the loo too much and then when my mum called on my birthdayand i was on the loo, i burst out crying cos i was constipated making myself bleed, he got office members to listen in the toilet door to see if they could here me on the phone, wheni came out he took me to his office verbal warned me said i were abusing my phone blah blah, put a complaint in about me but when hr heard my side he changed his story, the day after my hearing i came to work to find my door off its hinges, i have had a grieveance about that as well today.
Acas though have told me to exhaust the grievance procedures but then has to go through a civil court cos they only take on discrimination cases. so have to goto citizen advice now. i'm not backing down though i feel like it 10 weeks off having a baby and i have tis to deal with. all because my boss cant keep his temper.

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Old Nov 7th, 2008, 15:41 PM   7
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I've been treated really well by my work, especially considering I've had to have so much time off sick, my boss is wonderful and i have a really good relationship with him. But all of our contracts are up for renewal at the end of March and I really worry that this will affect whether mine is renewed or not - fingers crossed!

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Old Nov 8th, 2008, 09:17 AM   8
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As i work for a large company in a safety-critical job, they have a very good set of policies about what they are allowed to do or not, and have to follow them; but the people I work with have harassed me. Not 'because' I was pregnant but because they act like 6 year-olds and as i was given different duties than usual, it was an excuse to hassle me and moan, i have ended up lodging a harassment complaint.

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Old Nov 8th, 2008, 09:32 AM   9
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I ticked that my boss treated me unfairly, although to be fair, this was my last pregnancy and not this one.

At 5 months pregnant, (I was a sales director for a large telecoms company) my MD publicly (in a sales meeting in front of 15 people) told me he couldn't risk " 'prego-brain' f*cking up his monthly sales figures" and was stripping me of all responsibility. I was immediately demoted to sales and would also take a pay cut to relfect this.

I stood up, walked out (cried later!), and told him he would be hearing from my solicitor. 48 hours later, he got a legal letter telling him that I was taking legal action for discrimination, and would be seeking damages not only for the loss of earnings, but compensation for distress, and assurance from the company that there would be a strict policy in place to handle these situations in future.

I actually didn't get much...that wasn't the point, but he got put on 'special projects' and left the company 2 months later, and I was immediately re-instated. I kept my 'figures' over target until 3 weeks before birth!

Sometimes it feels easier to slink away and hide your head because you don't need the hassle.....but I promise, it felt great to stand up and fight and not take the shit!

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Old Nov 11th, 2008, 19:41 PM   10
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My boss has been really supportive of me thankfully.

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