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Obese pregnancy pictures?

Hello ladies!!

I am current 5 feet 3 inches tall and weigh in at 215lbs...i am going for my first IUI with donor sperm with the next two weeks(af comes saturday!!) basiclly i am becoming more worried about my weight everyday although my RE hasnt mentioned it as a problem. on the other hand i have my own selfish vein worrys....what on earth will i look like preggo will anyone even notice? in a perfect world the little one could just push out all my fat to a nice hard round stomach but i know that wont happen....and im prepared for a B belly that i will work my hardest to mask into a D

so here are my questions

1. did you experince and complications due to weight? if so what/

2. could you ladies be so kind as to post those bellys for me to see?

Thanks so much hopefully i will be able to post my bump soon enough

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Hunni, im sure there is a thread somewhere (sorry cant be more helpful) for larger women. Hang on ill try find the thread...

ETA- Here it is hun...

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