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Originally Posted by Colz_83 View Post
I've pretty much had everything (except raw fish and alcohol) in moderation.

I've had lunch meat. I've had pasteurized soft cheese. I've had rare steak. I've had fried egg with runny yolk. Some people need to seriously relax.

Can't agree more. I eat everything too. I hate uncooked meat anyway so I haven't changed my diet.
I see the point in some stuff these days that can give you a mc. But it was never proven really and I don't see the point why you should do without it the whole pregnancy.

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Old Sep 26th, 2014, 09:34 AM   232
Mum (Mom)
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Thanks for this list!

Anyone know if Natto is safe? I've been reading it is.. but I just wanted to compare notes.

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Old Nov 2nd, 2014, 14:10 PM   233
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I found (so far on both my pregnancies) that spicy food DOES NOT end well!!! It's much desired/craved going in, but coming back out is painful in many ways. I get trapped gas and a painful combination of constipation-diarrhea.

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Thanks For sharing such informative information here . Really very much informative.

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Old Apr 4th, 2016, 16:46 PM   235
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I have been and will be eating anything I want in moderation. That would include alcohol, but I'm not a drinker anyway. If I do, I'll likely be nursing a glass of wine over the course of a few hours.

I don't drink coffee, but I do like my black tea with milk every morning.

I don't like pop or energy drinks, so I'm okay there too.

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Old Sep 16th, 2016, 08:16 AM   236
Victoria N
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I read that almonds are very useful for pregnant!

Old Feb 19th, 2017, 03:20 AM   237
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I'm confused...Google told me feta wasn't allowed because it's a moist cheese that can harbour bacteria such as listeria...??🤔 This is #4 for me but I've only gotten into feta recently so never questioned it in previous pregnancies!

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Old Dec 25th, 2017, 06:51 AM   238
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Thanks,For sharing these beautiful health conscious tips ,It helps in pregnancy a lot.



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