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How accurate is Skull Theory?

Has the Skull Theory been true for anyone who knows the gender of their baby or any previous children? Just curious.. because my scan pic is a classic girl skull but I just have this feeling I'm having a boy.

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well most people thought i was having one of each or two boys.

i am having two boys. but one of them most have looked like a girl as i got a lot of guesses of one of each!!!!!

(i probs got a couple saying 2 girls but not a lot)


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I don't know of any actual studies done on "skull theory" but since differences in skull shape are secondary sex characteristics and don't fully emerge until adolescence I'd have to guess that it's about as accurate as any of the other theories on here (meaning it's going to be right about 50% of the time lol).

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not very accurate if you go by comments on my scan..

Everyone guessed boy based on the skull and girl based on the nub!!

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There is a woman on here, madlysboys who is amazing at guessing using skull theory. I'd say she has a 80% success rate. She got my son's gender right anyway!

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