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Just a vent. My hormones are already making me way too emotional. Feel free vent too!

This morning I am feeling totally inadequate as a mOther. My sons preschool had a mothers day breakfast for us. Well it was a mess! My DS ever since he rolled out of bed this morning has been mega grouchy. The second we got into the preschool he started to throw a tantrum because the instructor said he was not allowed to have any muffins or fruit or bagels as they were for the mamas only. We were supposed to go in and sit down at their tables and have breakfast with our little ones. I had told him we'd be having the same thing and he just wanted to help. Well she told him no go sit down and wait and he broke into hysterics acting completely unreasonably. I finally calmed him down only to go sit down and have it happen again because another mama had taken "his" seat. It was mortifying. No one else's child was acting up and I immediately felt judged by all the other mothers. I do the best with my son and he does not get away with much. But for some reason this morning I totally felt that everyone must think I'm a horrible mom! The meltdowns happened multiple times and eventually I just had to leave holding back my own tears or we both would have been on the floor in hysterics. I totally had my own meltdown when I got to car. I know I will feel better this afternoon but man oh man u forgot how much early pregnancy messes with your emotions!

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Take it from an infant/toddler teacher at a preschool, your teacher and the other mothers (people tell us a lot!!!) are NOT judging you, lol. They are just happy it wasn't their kid who had the melt down this time and just waiting for their kids turn to have it out. Everyone's little one is a complete booger sometimes

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