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6 weeks and suffering extreme tiredness, how do I get through work?

I've only just gone back to work after 9 weeks on the sick, and am on a phased return do I've only been doing half days, next week I'm doing 9-3 and then the week after I'm back to 9-5. I'm finding myself soooo tired, and with no energy from about 1pm most days, I've been having a nap when I get home but am dreading how I am going to feel once I'm back full time, especially since I haven't told work yet!

Any tips on how to give myself more energy or just stay awake whilst at work?

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You poor thing boy do I remember 1st Tri fatigue it was horrible and there are no remedies for it I used to drag myself through the work day and go home and sleep for hours and even in doing that it still wasn't enough, I also have a 3 year old to take care of but at least my OH was really under standing and took care of her. I do hope it soon passes for you but sad to say it returns with a vegence in the 3rd TRI. Congrats on your pregnancy I wish you a happy journey.. Take care and try to rest when ever you get a chance to your body is going through so much at the moment.....

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I honestly don't know how I function some days. I've been going to work, when I get home I cook dinner, hubby puts LO to bed and we try to go to bed at the same time. She was getting up in the night a few weeks ago too but that's stopped now thank god!

Luckily I work on my own, put the job is public facing, I'm sure I must have come across so badly to some people but you just have to get through!

I actually find work days easier than those when I've got LO at home tbh lol

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I was the same early on when I first found out. It helped me to go to sleep around 7pm and even than I was still tired around 2pm. Sometimes if work was quiet I would shut my office door and snooze or I would try to keep myself busy so the tiredness would never set in. I know I could never stay up late because if I did I paid for it the next day. even on weekends I would be in bed by 10 at the latest.. ha if I could even make it that late. but it has gotten easier and some days are still tough, so it will pass. Hope that helps

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