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On 200mg progesterone....due to stop at 12 weeks...any advice?

I have been taking 200mg cyclogest progesterone pessaries every day since ov. The FS said that he had "never heard of prescribing them for low progesterone" but agreed to give them to me for "PMS symptoms".
Now I know I need to continue taking them until at least around 12 weeks but then what is the best way to stop? I don't think I am brave enough to stop cold turkey and think this would probably be a bad idea anyway, so I thought maybe I should cut a pessary in half or something and just use 100mg each day for a week or so, then use 1/4 so it's just 50mg for another week. How does that sound? What have you ladies who take it been advised to do?

Any thoughts much appreciated.

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I was told just to stop at 12 weeks, everything was fine! Your placenta takes over at 10 weeks or so so there is plenty of overlap.

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I stopped cold turkey yesterday and so far everything is going pretty good! No spotting or anything that I have noticed so that's a good thing

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I stopped cold turkey too.

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