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Feeling Hungover?

Anyone feel as though they are permenantly hungover..dont get me wrong i love the feeling (as it means i'm still pregnant )

I get the extreme thirst and sickly feeling

Anyone else lol


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Yes I feel like that now, i'm sorry, i'm a 11 weeks tomorrow and nothings changed! LOL! xxxxxxxxxx

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Its absolutely normal ladies
Hungover is how I tried to discribe the feeling to my hubby at the time

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I feel ya i wake up all hours of the night have the worst sleep than wake up feeling like crap.
i get slight nautiousness and i just feel sluggish all day. Than again other times i feel like im not pregnant at all kinda freaks me out

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I am 6 weeks roughly. I felt sick a for a few days last week and now feel nothing but tiredness. When does the morning kick in properly?

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my morning sickness seems to just be fading now! i had it bad from 5 weeks until a few days ago. but yeah, hung over is the perfect description. just so tired and unmotivated, thirsty yet nauseous - especially when i drink enough to quench the thirst. yuck.

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This forum freaks me out sometimes because just as I begin feeling something, a post pops up with someone feeling exactly the same way!!

Thismorning and yesterday morning I didn't want to get out of bed, my head feels heavy and I have that 'floaty sick' feeling, and feel a little agitated. It usually subsides after a couple of pieces of toast if you can bear to eat it!

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