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pins and needles in left hand

Its weird i keep getting a tingly pins and needles sensation in my left hand mainly my ring finger and pinky side, whats causing it?

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I've been getting them in my right hand too. That and also some foot numbness and leg going to sleep more easy.

The legs I think is because of hip issues that I have that the preg has made worse and the hand I think is because when you are preg you are more susceptible to carpal tunnel so I've had to be more careful with my wrist position while at the computer all day working and that helps.

I think my bp might be a big low just due to all the changes going on with blood volume and relaxed muscles and all that because I'm also finding that I frequently get eye spots and sort of black out a little if I stand too fast. My bp at my last midwife appointment was 101/70 which is normal for me.

I'm not too worried about it but mostly because this isn't THAT abnormal for me and not anything brand brand new, just a more noticeable and more frequent mostly and more extreme. I'll ask my midwife about it in 4-5 weeks when I see her after my 13 week US. If it is really new for you though, might want to ask your maternity care provider.

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its water retention apparently, read it in a few week by week pregnancy guides, it can cause a little bit of carpal tunnel syndrome, i've been getting it in both arms and my legs occassionally.

advice I think was to elevate the legs when you can, and increase your fluid intake to help flush out excess water. also to watch your intake of salty foods as that can increase fluid retention too.


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