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10 weeks and can feel my uterus!

So I can definitely feel my uterus today above my pelvic bone. It feels like a hard ball shaped mound. Feels much different then my little fat roll above it so I know it is my uterus.

I have had 2 ultrasounds and both confirmed there is only one little one in there. I have read alot that you usually don't feel you uterus until 12 weeks or so. Does feeling it at 10 weeks mean the baby and/or everything else down there is growing faster? I am 6' tall so I wouldn't expect to feel anything for another few months so I am a bit shocked that I can definitely feel it already.


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Everyone's different. I think the 11/12 weeks which is when they say it starts popping up is just a general guideline, but for some it's sooner some later.
My uterus is already almost halfway to my belly button and I'm barely 10 weeks, but it's my second pregnancy so I'm guessing that's why. I don't really remember when I could feel it with my first.

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I can feel my uterus too, especially at night when I'm concentrating on feeling it. (in the evening when I lay down)

This is my second.. I swear last night I felt popcorn in there too.. Everyone will say you can't feel it so early but I remember the feeling. It wasnt gas.. I think because I'm focussing on it, I'm feeling bubs move in the evening from time to time (10+4)

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Im only 8 weeks and i swear i can feel the top of my uterus, it a soft ridge just above my pubic hair and it definatly wasnt there last week, by the evening it can feel quite hard aswell, this is my 3rd pregnancy so could that be why i can feel it so early on or could i be further on than i think?

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I have no idea of what I can feel and what I can't! I'm over 14 weeks now, and although my tummy feels a little harder than it used to, I'm really not sure what's what.

Scan said baby was there, and I've had no indication that anything is wrong.. in fact OH can see a change in my shape, but I'm taking it on trust at the moment!

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