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Fundal height at 11 weeks..

This is my 3rd and I make big Babies but I am a little uterus is way high half way to the belly button like where 16 weeks is on here,r:3,s:0,i:82 Baby is right up there too as thats where its HB is..I had one scan at 6+6 so know I am ok with my dates and there was only one then and only heard 1 HB when using doppler so I *think* we can rule twins out..Is it just cause its my 3rd?

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im getting a heartbeat on the doppler and can just feel top of uterus (I think!!) where 12 weeks is and I'm only 10weeks today.

it's my first so hoping it's about right!

have read loads of posts where 2nd + babies are showing way earlier than 1st's so it would make sense for the top of the uterus to be higher up in order to show earlier, something about everything being stretched previously so is able to 'go' much quicker!

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I managed to find hb with Doppler 2 weeks earlier this time around, I'm guessing because everything is moving up that much quicker.

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