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Morning sickness & Nausea ... Help : (

Hello ladies
I hope everyone is well.
I was looking for a little advice if possible.
I'm 8+2 and oh my goodness I am struggling with constant nausea.
I have spend all my spare time In bed in tears. Nothing at all is helping and I an getting so low. If I don't eat it's bad when I do eat it's worse.
Work is difficult ( nurse ) but I'm not ready to tell them just yet.
is there anyone out there feeling like this or any ideas!!
Thanks again cxx

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Hey there
When I found out I was pregnant I was 8 weeks and only reason I found out was because of the morning sickness.
I found I was exactly the same as you, I was being sick up to 9 times a day and couldn't keep anything down.

Try eating one Ginger biscuit in the morning, and go to your pharmacy and buy some travel sickness bands they all helped me, and if it carries on you can go to your doctor and explain the situation, thats what I did and I was put on cyclozine, they told me to take 1 three times a day but I have found that just taking one when you start to feel sick helps alot more and means you have more tablets to keep going.

I am now 9 weeks and my sickness is starting to ease, it just flares up when I am traveling, I also suggest you tell your manager at work, since I have done that all the staff that I work with are really understanding, if I am late in they know why and they all try to help in their own ways. I know you may not feel like you want to tell them yet, I was in tears telling them but at least you will know you have the security net of others helping you

Congratulations on being pregnant and Goodluck with the MS, This is my first baby and I found it helped alot.

Hope it helps you xx

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I'm right there with you with the all day nausea. I find snacking on small things (grapes, yogurt, banana) every 1-2 hours helps keep the nausea in check.

Then when I'm struggling to eat I take a Zofran which usually helps.

Sea bands also helped me for a bit, others recommend sucking on hard candy.

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Bananas. Love bananas. And whole grain crackers.

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My doctor says Vitimans b6 and unisom at night helps. Look into it

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Ive posted a few times about this so here's the reply I gave to someone earlier (instead of making you search through old threads -

I was until my doctor took care of it for me! She told me to take vitamin B6 25 Mg 3 times a day and 12.5 Mg Doxylamine (Unisom) before bed. I was a little nervous about the unisom but she assured me that its safe at that dose. I also had another appointment on wed. and asked a different doctor and she told me the same thing. Just make sure its the unisom with doxylamine, there's one with a different ingredient on the front of the box and that's not the right one. They come in 25 Mg so you just break it in half. It works wonders!! I have felt soooo much better! Only if I skip a dose do I feel sick again! Also the prenatals have always made me really sick too in all my pregnancies so i learned a long time ago not to takethem during the day. I take mine right before bed and it makes a big difference! I hope you feel better soon!

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