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Sore throat in early pregnancy

Hi there im wondering if this is a symptom. This morning I woke up with a very dry throat, its not what I would say painful but very dry and annoying feels like I have a lump when I swallow. Im trying to drink loads but its not helping???

if it is a symptom ... any suggestions that could ease it off a bit

Thanks xx

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Yep been there had that.

I just thought it was probably a bit of strep due to my bod adjusting. Mine lasted about 2-3 days then went.

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hey i have the same thing just feels like there is a big lump right at the back. It just keeps coming and going mine started on friday morning! I hope this is a symptom
congrats on your BFP x x

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hiya yeah i had that up until around 6weeks really really bad sore throat felt like i been swollowing razor blades i had it most of the time between week 3 an 6

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