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Old Apr 11th, 2009, 00:35 AM   21
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I so need this thread.....ok here goes:

My headaches/migraine have finally gone
M/S is only slight today
Off out later to enjoy last day with OH's kids
Planning a trip out on monday
I have Easter eggs to eat
I keep fancying mint choc chip ice cream and can have it when I want
I have m sca on Wednesday

Old Apr 11th, 2009, 03:41 AM   22
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Great thread and lovely wedding photo aimee-lou.

Unfortunately I am working the easter weekend (joys of being a nurse) but on a plus note scan is on Wednesday and we are off to Menorca in 4 weeks time with the family

Happy easter everyone.

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Old Apr 11th, 2009, 06:15 AM   23
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Oh great idea for a thread.

Well my hubby will be home in an hour !!
He has said he is taking me out for dinner tonight
Then am going to my parents in wales tomorrow for a huge sunday lunch with my family
Had my first scan on wednesday and all was well
The sun is shining and i can sit here and munch easter eggs and not worry at all.
I dont have to worry about losing weight this summer to fit into all my summer clothes as i will have a nice bump by then

Happy Easter everyone !!!
Boy that has cheered me up loads

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Old Apr 11th, 2009, 06:16 AM   24
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So glad that peeps are enjoying this thread. I think it does us good to think about the good things every now and again!

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Old Apr 11th, 2009, 07:17 AM   25
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what a lovely thread

I'm off to dinner tonight and staying a hotel afterwards, My mums having Lily.
Have a whole little family day planned tomorrow, park then roast
Monday going to my Aunties for dinner with all my family then going to the dogs in the evening for my sisters birthday.
Honestly I never go out to I'm looking forward to a bit of adult company for a change
I'm currently watching 'In the Night garden' with my beautiful little girl (trust me ladies if its still on when you have your babies you will know every character

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Old Apr 11th, 2009, 07:57 AM   26
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it saturday!!! one of my few saturdays off

my bloats gone down im bk in size 10's!!

ive stopped feeling so sickly

my puppy is calm and queit in herr bed

aimee-lou nice wedding pic thanks 4 a happy cheery thread

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Old Apr 11th, 2009, 12:55 PM   27
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Oh what a great thread!

Im enjoying relaxing and spending time with my OH this weekend.

I feel truly blessed to be pregnant.

Only 9 days until my scan.

My ms is easing a bit.

Only a few more weeks until my mum comes to visit, as she lives 300 miles away.

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Old Apr 11th, 2009, 14:45 PM   28
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I have a happy home, a wonderful DH and my lovely DS who is 3! We both have jobs and family and friends around us!

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Old Apr 11th, 2009, 18:06 PM   29
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Good idea this.

I don't feel quite so sick.
I finally feel like this baby is real.
My skin has gotten *better* with pregnancy.
Hubby has been unbelieveably helpful with fetching fickle food fancies
We have 2 days to do whatever we feel like.
The sun has been uplifting.
We have all summer to fix up the garden and nursery ;D
Next Christmas will be super special ;D

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Old Apr 12th, 2009, 05:29 AM   30
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I'm going to join you ladies:

The sun has got his hat on - hip hip hip hip hooray!! Lol.
I'm wearing slip on shoes with no socks for the first time this year (hold on to the little things...!)
I sewed my favourite pair of jeans this morning and they make me feel happy!
My kitties are out basking in the sun, they look so cute rolling around the garden.
My daffodils have all opened out and look gorgeous! (My nan bought them for me instead of an Easter egg.)
We're off to my dads and my mums today to spill the beans - I feel quite excited don't know why!!
I actually feel pregnant and I LOVE IT!!

Thanks ladies x

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good , stuff , think

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