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I have stopped worrying so much thanks to someone no here (I forget who!) - whoever it was just reminded me that there is nothing that we can do in the event of the worst happening, so just relax. And I have. And I feel soooo much better

Watching my eejit OH playing guiter hero and dancing round the room.
Playing Streets of Rage (old 80s computer game) last night till really late and laughing our heads off.
Wearing my first maxi dress of spring and not feeling self-conscious about being fat!.
Heading to my mums for a lovely dinner and some more chocolate in a wee while.
Enjoying sore boobs and sore head because I know that its 'normal'!

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Yay for PMA!

I'm so pleased.

I've had a lovely day so far and it ain't over yet! I've got all my housework done, eaten the biggest dinner ever and have a mahoosive bump!(seriously I look about 4-5 months!!)

Going to eat chocolate and watch Grease. Just hope that hubby is in soon to watch it with me...he loves it really!!!

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Aimee-Lou you've done a great thing starting this thread.
Jlon you're so right, there is nothing we can do in the event of the worst happening.
So we best all relax and rejoice that for this moment, it's exciting and fun!

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Old Apr 12th, 2009, 12:43 PM   34
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I have more!

Well...i have the next two days off work

OH and i told a few more of our close friends these past couple of days (since the scan) and their reactions have been fab. It's great to be able to share our good news

We didn't get any easter eggs but apparently we have one each waiting for us at my Mum's next time we visit

We just got back from walking the dog in the sunshine and i wore my flip flops for the first time this year (my toes weren't sure what was going on after months in socks and boots! )

Yep, that's my contribution for today!

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good , stuff , think

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