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Pos Kidney Infection..

Hi all, hope your all enjoying your pregnancies

well firstly since i was born i've had kidney and urinary reflux problems, which involves check ups every year as now im 21. im prone to infections and they are nothing new to me. my first pregnancy i managed to get through with only one uti, which i thought was pretty good going, it was crippling but again nothing new to me.

now this morning when i tried to wee i had stabbing pains in my kidneys, which i reconise as a kidney infection, which im told are pretty harmful when pregnant, and iv been feeling prettty off for last few days, so i rang my gp and told the receptionist which didnt seem to care and made a telephone appt for me at 3pm. should i ring my midwife aswell, because im sure they shouldnt have made me wait?!

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