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Lighter lines with FMU?

I know I shouldn´t but I took another test this morning and my first with first morning urine and it was quite lighter than the tests yesterday (which was second morning urine). I tried to stick another in there (I obviously have too many tests) just to make sure the dye on the previous one wasnt bad but it was the same. I got nervous and took another one two hours later and *BAM* much stronger pinker line, a shade darker than yesterdays tests!

I dont understand.. I thougth FMU was supposed to give best lines??? I didn´t drink very much last night so it shouldn´t be deluted.

Anyone else experience this?

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Yer I have in early testing - someone else said to me their afternoon tests always appeared darker so I did that and it was I think it depends on the test your using too and how much dye is in them esspecially the internet cheapies x

Please don't pay much attention to one day being slightly lighter than the other unless you get a neg or your bleeding! And if you were to spot you shouldn't for your own sanity start testing but contact your quack or mw.

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The day I got my bfp - my fmu test was really faint - the tests I took later in the day were clear as day - way darker. I thought it was weird too!

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