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6 weeks preggy and so upset and down..

I am 6 wks pregnant and have been crying every single day for apparently no rhyme or reason. I feel so down and depressed. My husband got irritated with me yesterday when I sort of told him off coz I did all his laundry all by myself and he has not spoken to me since.. I was totally nauseated last night and he just completely ignored.. I feel so horrible.. Really feeling at wits end... Anybody help??

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hormones are crazy in these first trimester...we tend to maximize everything we see, we hear or is only piece of advice is to take it easy. Rest as much as you can, drink plenty of water and don't over do it...Remember your hubby feels lost as men do not know how to deal with emotional women...Sending you my best wishes.

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Hey Hunny - Congrats on your pregnancy!

Yes - it is a joyous, crazy, strange, wild, upsetting, scary, brilliant, wonderful time! It's normal to experience a range of emotions - I remember having days of crying/feeling down for no apparent reason and then days of total elation. If you had previous "insecurities", such as body image, these could get worse. You might find that your emotions will settle down after the first trimester, or they might continue all the way through (just like morning sickness). Your hormones are going haywire (it's working overtime to create a little human... kneebone is connected to the leg bone... so give it a bit of slack!) and there are a lots of different adjustment things going on in your/your hubby's life to deal with this bundle of joy.

I found that if I was feeling upset, I would think about why I was upset - if I could atribute it to work or something I would try and sort it out. If I couldn't find the reason, I would just say "well today must be a bump day - so be it - poor bubs must be having a growth spurt or something and my hormones are getting the grunt of it!" (and then go and eat a block of chocolate!). And if my hubby could notice my mood change (which was nearly always) - I'd always explain that it had nothing to do with him, it was just my body making changes (and that he had to give me a back rub!).

It's always important to be open about how you are feeling with your partner - they too are going through the emotional changes and need to understand that during this time (and well for the rest of parenthood), we all need to help and support each other. Oh - and the laundry thing... he needs to get used to doing it, cos after baby has arrived, there is a global rule that mums are exempt from doing for the first 3 months!

For your nausea (morning sickness), there are a number of "cures" that can help you lessen/control this - such as diet (eating high protien foods like I did), eating at particular times of the day, wearing pressure bands, and if you are acutally vomiting using something like "Fully Sic Bags". Morning sickness makes you feel like crap and probably impacts your mood - if you can reduce this, then hopefully your mood improves too!

So while it's normal to experience an emotional rollercoster (particulally just after baby is born and your hormones are adjusting yet again...), you do need to know the difference between "I'm feeling down - I'll eat some chocolate", to "I'm feeling down - I can't do this any more".

Pre, During and Post Ante Natal Depression needs to be treated seriously. If you ever feel so emotional that it's bordering on depression or self harm, or you feel emotional for a longer than normal time, you need to seek help and support. Talk to people about it (such as you're doing now - good job!), talk your doctor, talk to your midwife, seek help from some great organisations (in Australia... Beyond Blue, The Butterfly Foundation, Lifeline, PANDA - Post Ante Natal Depression Association, Black Dog Institue, etc).

And just remember - this is a WONDERFUL time! Your baby is growing at such a rate within these first few weeks that if it continued at this pace it would be the size of a whale when it popped out! eeek - no wonder we feel stressed! :-)

(Sorry for the long post... it's just that this is an important issue and can't simply be responded with "go to your happy place!").

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