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Hey ladies

Was just wondering if any of you experienced implantation before finding out you had a BFP. Did you feel it,if so what did it feel like etc..

Im in the dreaded 2wk wait.

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I had implantation bleeding. I had a few spots that were pinky redy and it was only a tiny bit when i wiped. i did a test the day after and got a faint BFP which got darker when i did another one a few days after.
Good luck hope you get a BFP.
Luv Cheryl xxx

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thanks hun,af isnt due for 11days so not sure if the tiny bit of blood i got yesterday was implantation bleeding or ovulation

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future mommy
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It could be either, but it still takes a few days after you ovulate to actually implant. You have to ovulate, the egg has to get fertilized, and travel down to your uterus and grow a little before it implants. So it may be just ovulation. But usually it takes a few days after that.

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I had none prior to bubs sticking!

Only time I got it before was when I had an ectopic - crazy stuff!

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thanks ladies

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I had nothing either Wobs...

not one smithering of blood at all...and i think bubs is well stuck now

good luck hun xx

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I had nothing except for AF feeling cramps. Good Luck!

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My story might sound weird and am not sure if it was really implantation but on 3dpo when I wipped I saw light brown CM, when wipped again nothing came out. I dont know if this helps. I havent investigated this issue and see if it was implantation though it was early an unusual for me!!

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I had some with my first pregnancy, it was brownish/pinkish cm but it was around when my period was suppose to show. I didn't get any with my son and with this one I had a bit about 4 or 5 days before I tested and it was pinkish cm, just a couple of times when I went to the bathroom and only when I wiped.

The little blood you had could be implantation, Good luck! I hope you get your BFP

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