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i had honestly been told peanuts were fine before we start breast feeding...god, i cant keep up.

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England is one of the only countries that says that peanut butter is bad to eat while pregnant, as it could cause the child to have an allergy to it when they are born. England is also one of the only countries that has multiplying numbers of peanut allergies in children. You wonder if the advice to eat it or not is actually good? I've been eating it still as I've been craving it, although I haven't been going crazy on it (although I would love to dive into a big bowl of it at times)

About unpasteurised cheeses- I went to the market and they were selling unpasteurised cheddar cheese. My DH bought it, but I haven't touched it as it's unpasteurised. As it's a hard cheddar, does that mean that it's safe? I used to love it!

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I think this is helpful?

Diet Donts during pregnancy


Diet don'ts

~ Pregnant women are prone to acidity; avoid greasy, spicy foods as these alleviate acidity.
~ Try not to eat foods with strong smells (like garlic, onions, etc), to avoid nausea.
~ Avoid processed foods like pickles, papads, ketchups, jams, jellies, chocolates, chips and farsans.
~ Unless you are making it at home, avoid Chinese food. Most restaurants add ajinomoto or monosodium glutamate to their food. This is high in sodium content; too much sodium can lead to hypertension or high blood pressure.
~ Avoid outside food, especially non-vegetarian food like prawns, liver or any raw/ undercooked meats and eggs.
~ Don't lie down immediately after eating; go for a moderately paced walk instead. Try to have your food at least one hour before bedtime.
~ Avoid excess use of table salt.
~ Don't have too much caffeine; it suppresses the appetite. When had with or immediately after meals, it hinders the absorption of vitamins.
~ Avoid fasting during pregnancy as this causes a rapid fall of plasma glucose as compared to its fall in women who are not pregnant. Fasting increases body fat metabolism in the mother and, instead of glucose, the foetus is obliged to utilise ketones to get energy.
Ketones are produced when the body breaks down fat instead of carbohydrates to derive energy. This adversely affects foetal metabolism and development and lowers the foetus' IQ.
Don't diet when you are pregnant.
~ It would be a good idea to have an early breakfast.
~ Drinking alcohol is harmful. Alcohol may produce spontaneous abortion. A small dose may depress the foetus' breathing activity.
Heavy drinking during pregnancy is recognised as a major cause of mental retardation in the foetus. Though the facial malformation reduces with time, the small skull, short stature and low weight problems persist.
~ Smoke may harm the foetus due to exposure to nicotine, carbon monoxide or cyanide.

Smoking during pregnancy can increase the risk of spontaneous abortion. It also lowers the child's birth weight and raises the risk of prenatal mortality.
If a non-smoking mother is exposed to smoke during pregnancy, it can reduce the birth weight of the newborn.
Nicotine has been detected in the breast milk of mothers who smoke. In fact, children of mothers who smoke before and after conception have a higher risk of developing leukaemia or lymphoma.
Mothers who stopped smoking before pregnancy or soon after its onset gave birth to babies with an improved birth weight as compared to those mothers who continued to smoke through their pregnancy.

~ Avoid eating undercooked meat; it is a known source of toxoplasmosis, an infection that can seriously harm the foetus.

A balanced, nutritious diet will ensure the quality and quantity of your milk without depleting your body, paving the way for a healthy postpartum/ lactation period.

Diet Dos during pregnancy


Eat raw fruits, vegetables, prunes, whole grains or bran cereals like readymade wheat flakes.

~ Add one teaspoon of bran (wheat husk) flour to your wheat flour when making chapattis.
~ Increase your intake of fruits to at least three servings a day. Avoid fruits like papaya, pineapple and grapes.
~ Increase your intake of raw vegetables like cucumber, carrots, tomatoes, beetroot and lettuce leaves.
~ Avoid eating raw sprouts -- this can give you gas. Steam sprouts before you eat them.
~ Have at least one vegetable with every meal.
~ Drink at least one to two litres of fluid per day between meals, but not during meals. Your liquid intake could include juices, soups, coconut water, etc.
~ If you are constipated, have a cup of hot water three times a day.
~ Eat dry crackers, toast/ cereal before getting up or when feeling sick and to avoid nausea.
~ Eat smaller meals more frequently; say five to six meals a day.
~ Drink a glass of warm milk before sleeping to avoid insomnia.
~ Consume at least 0.4 milligrammes of folic acid everyday. Folic acid is found in vegetables, whole grain foods and citrus foods. It reduces the risk of birth defects of the spine and brain.
Folates, however, are easily destroyed by cooking, which is why it is recommended you have fresh vegetables like two to three leaves of lettuce, cabbage and cucumber. You can also include citrus fruits, juices, nuts, seeds, dried beans/ peas, bananas, tomatoes, etc, in your diet.
~ Ideally, your diet should supply all vitamins but since this is not feasible, you should take one multivitamin tablet every day.
~ Fish can form a part of your diet as it contains Omega3 fatty acid, an essential nutrient for a healthy delivery and lactation.
~ Vegetarians can fulfill their daily protein needs by having two to three cups of milk and milk products every day. Besides two cups of milk, non-vegetarians are advised to take one average helping of meat, fish, chicken or eggs.
~ Use low fat dairy products like skimmed milk, low fat cheese and yoghurt and soy products in your diet.
~ Use only lean meats like poultry and fish.
~ Bake, broil, grill or stir-fry your food instead of frying it.
~ For optimal absorption of an iron supplement or other non-meat iron sources, take it with a good source of Vitamin C like orange juice, grapefruit, cantaloupe, green pepper or broccoli.
~ Cut down on low calorie, low nutrient foods such as cakes, candy, pastries and soda.
~ Exercise regularly to keep from getting too tired. Exercise enhances stamina, strength and flexibility and can reduce stress. Walking is a good exercise.

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Fried foods? Well, no wonder I had such bad heartburn.

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Hmm...I'm guitly of the whole pickle and chocolate thing...I just can't help myself!!!

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I'm finding it difficult to eat anything. I'm sure my little bean would rather have a fatty, nasty tuc biscuit (one of the only things I can eat throughout the day!) than nothing at all! I think it's funny because different people in different countries (as people have said) are told to do different things...there is enough worrying in pregnancy without having to worry about what you eat (that said, I will be attempting to stick to the "rules" religiously!)

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God, i cant function without my cups of tea!! and i craved cider with this one. I also craved fried eggs with my first. I think its best not to take too much notice to everything your NOT supposed to eat or drink or you'd end up starving!!! And as for peanuts, i craved peanut butter during first 3 months and my mam ate it by the bucket load with all 6 of us and we are all fine!

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Well first I just wanted to say Congrats I am also due in July the tenth this is my first sooooo exciting and scary!!!! Im just getting in to the swing of things so I do need to investigate on the right and wrong things to eat...

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OMG I have eaten bean sprouts and fresh cream since finding out!

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I dont think you should worry too much about what you have done in the past. You werent to know.

Hell, I drank and smoked up till the day I found out I was pregnant. But my little one is fine, I think!

Just try your best from now on Theres so many do's and don't floating around, but the only thing Ive heard from my doctor are not to eat unpasturised things, uncooked eggs and peanuts. Im not too worried. I think theres also a government leaflet on the internet somewhere that details what you officially can and cant have. I wouldnt take some of those things too literally. Youll starve!


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