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Pregnancy does not agree with me!!

When I was pregnant with my DD I have severe vomiting, diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes and put on 4 needles a day, kidney stones, and severe edema. I also had a horrendous 4 days of labour which ended with an emergency C-section. So far this pregnancy my blood sugars are hard to control, vomiting, diagnosed with Stage 3 Dysplasia and will have to have a LEEP after baby is born and just yesterday was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism and started my meds for that this morning!! My DD was healthy as can be..Thank God and I am hoping it is the same with this LO. I would just like a break from illness. Sorry for the rant but I am having a bit of a day!!!

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Sorry to hear pregnancy has been so rough on you!!! I hope things settle down and you have another happy and healthy LO

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