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I've found my tiredest phase so far being wks5-6.

I'm nearly 9 now and although still tired not quite so bad. I was worrying yesterday my symptoms have all nearly gone - uhm, finding it hard to keep my eyes opened and this food down after lunch not to mention the aching boobs!

Hopefully your tiredness becomes less so - or you at least get used to it soon lol xx

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Originally Posted by Carly.C View Post
Its worrying me that I'm not feeling it. Everything that people have described, I've had nothing. Plenty of other symptoms though, sore breasts, nausea bloating etc but no fatigue or urinary frequency. Anyone else like this too?
Don't worry Carly. Am also 6 weeks preg with number 2 and had pretty much zero symptoms with my first and exactly the same this time round. The only ones to speak of are extreme tiredness and constipation, nice! No peeing, no sore BBs, no nausea......Been reading June babies thread where they're all bursting with symptoms, enough to make you paranoid but don't be, I'm sure everyting is fine in there!

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