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Originally Posted by katsbump View Post
Originally Posted by babyface15 View Post
yes men have no idea! But someone posted this in another thread
I showed dh and it helped him understand what i'm going through. In fact, after he read it he said he was taking the dog for a walk and when he got back he would help me (I was cleaning house).
When he got back he moaned a bit about it but I told him to go read it again and get in here and help! lol
That's even better than a book for the first trimester! Gets right to the important bits. Could be very helpful for lots of pregnant ladies and their partners.
I know it's very to the point, which is great for men! Dh actually read the whole article

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Agreed on the sore boob situation!! My DH keeps grabbing mine, he said they look huge and won't keep off them!! Very annoying, also doesn't understand why I won't kiss him when he's been drinking beer, he stinks!!! X

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Mine tried to twiddle my nipples and I shouted to stop, he said pregnant women needed to toughen up!! He won't even read those man help articles. He is here Tues when the Midwife comes for booking in, so I hope he will learn a bit more them!

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Yes, they are utterly clueless. My man literally thinks the symptoms are all in our head. if he knew how dumb he sounded. He exampled it by saing "like for instance bambi or a deer is in the woods pregnant u dont see her saying, ugh im nauseas, or ugh I need to relax, or my back hurts". I said omg lol first off animals dont talk....second off they get same feelings too...there animals. I told him how my cat was lethargic n throwin up everywhere n I freakd n brought her to vet n they did a ultrasound (funny I know) n I saw 6 lil babies lol.
Theres just nieve, nshould just just be told to go to work when there like that.

Originally Posted by BecksBabyB View Post
Hi all

Just wanted to have a bit of a moan because I'm sure I can't be the only one with a partner who doesnt quite understand that pregnancy symptoms begin immediately!

Apparently the following is wrong;

I'm not allowed to suggest I'm bloated - "you won't show this early!"
I'm not always tired - "you're not big enough to get tired out" ( not the reason you idiot!!)
I don't feel sick - "it's too early for that!"

Argh!! Some days as you know ladies, we feel rubbish all the time, you can't always say what it is either you just feel bleugh!!

Rant over...anyone in the same position?? Bx

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I told my husband yesterday that the next two weeks are going to be really tough on me emotionally, as one of my mc was at 10.5 weeks (baby had died at 7.5 wks) and I was feeling mega paranoid as I was at this stage now, so from now until my scan next Thursday I was going to be feeling emotionally rough.

So what does the a*sehole do? He picks a fight this morning about money and goes on about himself. When I told him to drop it as I had other things on my mind he said "Of course, its all about you!"

Urm, in a word "YES!!!!!"

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So it's not just me then ladies!!

My OH is getting worse by the day! He is now saying that he doesn't feel 'involved' in the pregnancy....what?! So the fact that every time I get excited he can't think about that me NOT involving him! How exactly is he wanting to be involved? Shall I let him know each time I experience a symptom? No....because I'm apparently making them up!

Argh.....I don't need his drama along with my own! I've got enough on....full time job which is very demanding, a pregnancy and now making him feel better....


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haha i know this all too well! my OH will be very caring at times, fetching me hot water bottles running me a bath etc, but when I say I cant do the hoovering bcos Im wiped out or please could he do the dishwasher he goes off and says I can do these things hes been at work etc (if iv had a day off) and hes tired and aching etc....and he doesnt understand my response when I say Im nearly 3 months pregnant, feel sick all the time and am growing a life!! Grr! i like this thread lol!!! xxx

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