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I had words with OH last night and he has said he will talk to his mother about us not needed her around for a week, he said she will have just thought we needed the help, so i just said if we need help we will ask.

I also had words about the name thing too! So we have decided to not tell anyone what we thinking of calling it until we have decided and then no one has any input, its tough!!!

I had talked to my own mum about these problems last night too and she thought i was being ok about everything, as my family are quite laid back and i know for a fact wont interfere.

I can't see it all going that smoothly for long tho, and can see me having to put my foot down again at some point!!!

So thanks everyone for your advice!

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you go girl!

we're hormonal, we're allowed to have lots of foot putting down moments!

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thats it just remember it is urs and ohs baby. xxx

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