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CK Too
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Dry eyes

Has anyone else noticed they“ve got really dry sore eyes since getting pregnant - any cures? Home remedies?

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Oh I feel you on this one hon, my eyes felt gritty for the end of my first trimester and well into the 2nd. Its normal though, something to do with the hormones. They said that using visine is fine. Hope you start feeling better

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I wear contacts so it's been really annoying. I use a LOT of re-wetting drops

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You can buy Hypromellose eye drops OTC from the chemist for about £2.

They are a lubricating drop and contain nothing that can harm you or the baby.

Put a drop or two in each eye twice a day (or as necessary) and you should notice an improvement very quickly.

(BTW, I'm an optician!! )

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