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bump question

this might sound stupid but how do u know if the bump is the baby or just extra weight ure putting on? is it meant to be firm? i know everyone is different and will show at different times but i was just wondering...


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Well the uterus rises up slowly as the baby grows and pushes your insides up with it. It doesn't rise up out of your pelvis till about 12 weeks and some people can feel it then but I couldn't till about 14 or 15 weeks. Eventually you'll feel it and it's quite firm most of the time and then where it ends will be soft but still makes up part of your bump because everything that was there before has to go somewhere. I don't know if it's the same for everyone but I'm quite a small person and when I bend at certain angles I can feel it that way too, like having a hard ball inside my belly.

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I think as long as you are not eating to much then any weight you put on is down to the bubba growing. wouldn't it be great if you could eat what you want when your pregnant and put weight on no where but your bump. hee hee. Thats all i want for christmas xx

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well, if you look at the anatomy, the first thing that is closest to the exterior is our layer of fat, then the uterus, placenta and then the baby.
therefore, as you grow, your uterus expands and pushes the outer fat layer. but as you grow, you gain weight and the fat layer increases as well.

but as the pregnancy progresses, the bump is "all baby" for the most part.

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I had abit of chub on my belly at first and the baby didn't help by pushing it outwards as it was growing. I also put on alot of weight so I don't know, could be either?

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I've noticed that areas of my belly that used to be all "soft flab" are now a little more firm...i'm attributing it to my growing uterus. DH notices a difference in how it feels too. He got really excited when he poked it and realized it was firm and not flabby :-)

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