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High Risk Pregnancy with DH Away

Does anyone have/ had a high risk pregnancy while DH had to be away? DH is going to be in NYC for at least the next 2-3 month, only coming home on the occasional long weekend (and longer at the holidays). He's requested to work at home to be with me and help out, but it's been denied for now and was told he could in a few months. I have an extremely high risk pregnancy and need help with some of my medication (injections). I was doing okay with the one shot a day that I could wiggle with the timing (great people at work!), but now I have to have one before I can eat anything and one right before bed. There is no way I can give myself an injection as I have an intense fear of needles and it's amazing I can even have someone else do them. I've been doing okay with poking my finger for the blood checks which I have never been able to do before. We'll have bi-weekly U/S and doctor's appointments more often than that (I have 5 different doctors I will have to see off and on during my pregnancy; some more than others.). Some of my medication also carries a risk of complications that make me feel unsafe being alone. He's willing to quit and come home, but he had a hard enough time finding this job when his last ended and I'll probably be signed off work within a few months (and don't want to return), so we'll need his income (and hopefully they'll supply insurance by then). Does anyone have any suggestions on how we could convince them to up their time line? He does 90% of his job conferencing with his team in India on the phone and doesn't even have his own space at work. He takes whatever desk is empty that day. All of his work is done on the computer.

BTW, I'm high risk for SEVERAL reasons:
1) stillborn at 27 weeks
2) recurrent MC
3) PCOS/ IR (now GD)
4) FVL
5) history of high BP in pregnancy (and in the past)
6) twins

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Hey there! I have not been in a similar experience, as I am not high risk, but I know it stinks having my hubby away a lot too. I didn't want to read and run, but just let you know I feel for you...I hope everything works out for you. There should be something that can be done,given your history...especially in the technology filled society we live in. It wouldn't be a permanent situation, so I really hope they let your DH work how he needs to. Good luck!!!!

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My heart goes out to you hun. I;ve never been in this situation but I think you are a brave woman and I know you'll be strong for your babies. This time nothing will harm them and come what may we will celebrate the birth and life of your twins.

I still don't understand why they won't let your hubby work from home. From what you described he doesn;t need all that unecessary ceremony of looking for hot desks or empty desks at work to set up his office. It's stupid especially when he has good reason to stay closer to home.

My prayers are with you hun, you'll be fine either way

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