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Any dentist? Think i have Gingivitis

Im pretty sure I have gingivitis, my gums fell swollen and when I brushed this morning it was just blood
All today I have felt like there all pushing together. I'm in so much pain, there really killing me and very sensitive

I also have 3ulcers should I make an appointment to see my dentist? I only seen him a few weeks ago and I was fine then.

I also have tonsillitis atm so I dot know if that's effecting it..

Any advise or info? Xx

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You can go to a dentist for a normal check up. But whe your pregnant, your gums are more likely to bleed when brushed or without even brushing them. I had ulcers, blood, you name it. It was fine

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during preg your gums may swell and bleed alot. i wouldnt worry too much, its hormones, but it is good to see a dentist while preg, good luck:-) ps. sorry about your tonsilitis!

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