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My husband annoys the crap out of me! So, you are not alone!

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My fiancÚ is a bit confused by my hormones at the moment! I've been so snappy, and it's the feeling where I'm like 'Piss off!' And I know it's rude but a that stage I don't really care! I think our bodies try to take some love away from our other half so that we bond more with our baby - just try to think through the hormones and remember why you are together (I find this works better when I'm watching a soppy love movie without my OH and it makes me love him more haha).

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Anorak, seems like a lot for you to deal with what with bf not working, you pregnant and also buying a house. I am sure things will settle down and will sort themselves out. We are also sort of looking for a new place to buy, but I am thinking that maybe it would be madness to move when I am 6/9 months pregnant. It's stressful at the best of times even without being pregnant. Good luck and chin up

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