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boobs hurt more at night?

Anybody else find this? My breasts are SLIGHTLY less sore than they were a few weeks ago but, at night every time I roll over the HORRIBLE pain in my breasts wakes me up...OUCH...

...that combined with the 13 trips to the loo to pee means very little sleep!

Anybody else?

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my boobs DEFINITELY hurt more @ night!!! i usually sleep in my tummy, which I cannot do anymore!!!

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Yep, same here. I get stabbing pains if i turn over too quickly....youch! Can't sleep in a bra though, does my head in! I can't even give people proper hugs because it kills! xx

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I have found a couple of ways to cope.

If there rock hard and you cant put anything near them try a damp tea towel with warm water place it on your chest and then pop another dry tea towel over the top so your duevet does not get wet.

If there just itchy whilst the above works try vasaline as this also works

If all fails get a pillow and hug that its also good for supporting your tummy as i have found...

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Yes at night more for sure! I think I hurt more in the middle of the night becasue i hit them or squeeze them by accident (very sound sleeper). I wouldn't dare make a false move like that during the day!

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Mine aren't as sore now but I feel your pain. I nearly cried when I used tgo take my bra off after they'd been 'cooped up' all day.
I also used to sleep on my tummy to help settle my tummy a bit but was hard cos of my boobs!

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