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appointments for obstetric team


I have a referal letter today for an appointment for the obstetric team

i have no idea what this is for, my guess would be to see an anethetist and discuss birthplans as i am overweight

am i miles off?

i have bmi of 34, and 1 prev miscarriage, i guess this puts me in high risk

anyone know what the obstetric team does and why you would be refered

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As far as I know, the bmi that puts you into the high risk category is 40 or over.. I only know this because my midwife said to me if I magically managed to get my bmi down by one point (its currently 40) that I would be out of the high risk category and wouldn't have to see a consultant for weight related stuff.. Although I'm high risk since this is baby number 6 for me anyway.

As far as the obstetric team goes, I imagine it's just a consultant thing - maybe related to your previous miscarriage, perhaps its just the norm for where you are in the country.. Is this your first? If so it might be to introduce you to the procedures etc and explain what's going to be happening.. they might even offer you the jaunt around the labour ward and some antenatal classes? Have you had booking with your midwife yet? The notes she gives you that you have to keep have all the relevant stuff on about the obstetric team and bmis etc..

HTH somehow!

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