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Originally Posted by Jenna1985 View Post
Heart rate -140 = boy, +140 = girl
Heart rate 168

Nausiated all the time = Girl, no nausia = Boy
Had morning sickness for the first 9 weeks

Skin breaking out = Girl, clear skin = Boy
I have horrible skin right now

Craving sweet = Girl, Craving sour/salty = Boy
I want sweets all the time

Tie a ring to a string and hang it over your belly see how it swings
Round and round = Girl. Side to side = Boy
You guessed it, Round and round she goes

Chinese gender prediction. Age, month of conception, year.
Mine says girl

Another Gender prediction = Age of mother and year of conception.
If both are even or odd = Girl, if one is even and one is odd = Boy
Yet again, Girl.

If these are all wrong I will laugh but I thought I would share my findings
All my kids heartbeats were above 140 and yet I have 2 girls, 2 boys.
Matter of fact, my previous pregnancy, my son's heartbeat would go up to 170. I craved sweets with my second pregnancy, which was a girl, but I also craved sweets with my previous pregnancy, which was a boy.
I didn't like sweets with my first, which was a girl, and didn't like them either with my 4th, which was a boy.
The skin thing I disagree with too - first pregnancy was a girl and yes I looked like crap but second pregnancy was a girl too and I looked gorgeous LOL.

I never go by these things but it's fun just to see. I think I'm having a girl just because it's a vibe or an instinct. I hope I do anyway!

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My skin is clearer now than it was with DS, and I craved chocolate with him... not not craving chocolate, but I absolutely love pickles lately. deep down I still think I'm having a boy though.

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