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Clear Blue Conception test = HCG Level

Hello Ladies,

I have read that the Clear Blue Conception Indicator tests work like this :

1-2 Weeks = 25 - 200 HCG
2-3 Weeks = 200 - 2000 HCG
3+ weeks = 2000+

have any of you ladies had your Betas done and checked using s CB test??

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sorry can't help you there, they aren't the most accurate things though!

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I havent looked into that but I wouldnt 100% trust it since its just a home test

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You have to remember that it takes longer for hcg to show in urine than it does in look, so the levels in your urine are always going to be a day or so behind on your blood test results. Having said that, no I have never found those tests to be accurate and they generally cause more worry than they are worth!!!

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I didn't, but I did have a massive stress when at 6 weeks it didn't do up to 3+ weeks, and I'm pg with twins, so I don't rate them at all!

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Originally Posted by zowiey View Post
I didn't, but I did have a massive stress when at 6 weeks it didn't do up to 3+ weeks, and I'm pg with twins, so I don't rate them at all!
I've never got one to say 3+ either

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Yes I checked my blood against clear blue indicator

The day before my 1st beta hcg clear blue read 3+
So the next day I did another and it read 2-3 massive panic went docs and when results back they were 1307

Did another clear blue next day 3+
Went for my 2nd beta next day again = 2137

No way do clear blue read correct

Hope this helps x

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Old Apr 22nd, 2013, 00:55 AM   8
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I wouldn't trust them either really, they are not a reliable way of measuring hcg. X

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No, no, no. Don't trust them! The amount of threads I've seen by women who're getting 1-2 or 2-3 when they think they should be getting a 3+ or women who've had a 3+ reading and then tested again to get a 2-3 is unreal. They're unreliable and cause so much worry!

I started doing the clearblue tests this pregnancy and got 1-2 then a week later 2-3 then a week later STILL 2-3 and I was 5weeks 5days at this point coming up to 6weeks. I completely freaked out because the leaflet said I should have had a 3+ at this stage of the pregnancy. I carried on doing them and didn't get a 3+ until I was over 6weeks pregnant and I had to hold my pee for six hours! Also I got a 2-3 that same morning, then held pee for six hours and got the 3+ straight away within seconds it appeared in the afternoon. When I went for a scan baby was measuring bang on my dates, so it wasnt possible I was just behind and that's why it took longer so according to babies growth on ultrasound I should have had the 3+ sooner than I did also.

I'd deff not test with clearblue digi in any other pregnancies.

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I know this is from years ago but I took a cb digi at 3+4 weeks pregnant and got 1-2 which lined up and my beta hcg reading for the day after that was 170.3
I did another one a week later (today) and I got 3+! I'm 4+4 weeks pregnant and my beta hcg for today was 1540.

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