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Cold buffet food

It's my nannas 87th birthday today and my mum is cooking fish goujons, chicken skewers, pizza etc

I'm just wondering if I can eat this food once I has cooled down, or if I have to keep some to one side and eat it when it is still hot?

It will have been left to cool for a maximum of 2-3 hours when I get to eat it.

I know that deli meats are a no go, and wondered if buffet food is the same kind of thing.

All the sandwiches have got mayonnaise on them too ( they are pre packed ) and the ingredients says that egg on them is pasturised, I just wondered if the mayonaise is likely to be pasturised too?

The food looks sooooo good and I really want to eat it all!!!

Thanks for your help!


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I would eat it, but then I still eat raw sushi, so my comfort level may be a lot higher than yours. I think the risk on most of that stuff is pretty low.

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The mayo is probably fine in the sandwiches, if they are bought ones. I would just tuck in! I did at my uncles party at the weekend.

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Its fine. deli meats like salami are not cooked, they're cured which is why they're not allowed.

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