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Does the placenta take over at 10 weeks?

Im nearly 11 weeks and the past few days ive not felt pregnant at all, ive never really had major symptoms but they've been there mildly.

All I have now is extreme tiredness, i always need to nap!

Is this normal? Is it when the placenta takea over and you start to feel better?

Or do I need to panic at a loss of symptoms?

Freaking out!

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The placenta isn't quite fully formed yet but is starting to take more of a role at 10 weeks, Around 12 weeks its working instead of the yolk sac but definite placenta involvement from around 10 weeks. Try not to worry, symptoms can come and go. Mine are worse some days than others xx

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I had extreme nausea and my nausea went at 9 weeks (when the placenta starts to form)

and now i'm 11 and a half weeks my only symptoms are tiredness and soreish boobs and they arent half as sore as they were before- so yes definitely to do with placenta changes so dont worry

if you google it loads of peoples symptoms disappeared at 10 weeks!

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