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I stopped using aluminum deodorant even before being pregnant. Its one of those things where even if it *might* be harmful, and there are other alternative like all natural mineral deodorant, then I don't mind taking the switch. Many people have used anti-perspirents for years, and are completly fine. But also, there is a rise in cancers and Alzheimers which some people link to aluminum. I have cut back, but that doesn't mean everyone needs to.

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Sadly it is true I use salt crystal for my deodorant. No one should smell bad under their pits. If that's the case your pores are clogged or you have an infection. Anyhow deodorant causes cancer. Breast cancer! Salt crystals clear your pores, stop your bad BO, and clear up infection that causes it. It takes about a week or so to work though. The only thing I still use is mascara.. I cant live without that crap

Here is the link to the crystals. All natural

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I from the uk and have never once been told by any health professional to stop using deoderant and they are quick enough to tell you what you cant have so I dont believe it. X

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Thanks for all the insights ladies! In definitely going to go down the natural route, as we try and cut out all the bad stuff in life generally. (Me, hubby and kids) such as aspartame etc.
Such a simple switch is definatley worth health! Thanks girls xxx

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Lol, read the daily mail list of things that give you cancer...anything and everything is bad for you pregnant or not! How on earth did our grandparents give birth to healthy women without all the guidelines? I mean, the peanut rule changes every year!
I tell OH some stuff (the stuff that gets me out of doing stuff I don't wanna do), like how I'm absolutely not allowed close enough to the litter tray to clean it, and how I can't empty the bin because its absolutely too heavy and I can't lift anything heavy :P

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Lol oh my god that's crazy I wore deodorant everyday the spray one and my son is fine x

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Originally Posted by Janisdkh View Post
Anyhow deodorant causes cancer. Breast cancer!
Umm, this is a pretty massive statement... Deodorant doesn't 'cause' breast cancer... They 'may' have found a link but its still very much unproven. Like the link between a million other foods/products/ health choices causing cancer. If deodorant 'caused' breast cancer then surely 90odd% of the female population would have it by now.
It's fine to stop using commercial deodorant and use another form of it, but I think it's a bit much to scare people into it.

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