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Peppermint Tea - Miracle Cure for Headaches and Migraines

Hi Ladies,

So about 18 months ago I was having acupuncture for Migraines (which in the end I discovered were brought on by certain types of chocolates usually! bummer huh?!) My guy said to try peppermint tea . .not mint or green tea but specifically Peppermint Tea.. if I felt a headache or sickness coming on.
And amazingly, it always helped to relieve the symptons (not always entirely, but enough to be able to function!)

My migraines have started coming back - due to hormones I guess, still not eating the chocolate!, I have also been having more normal headaches than normal and I don't want to keep popping paracetamol - I found my T bags about a week ago and thought I'd try it for MS as well as my headaches and low and behold it is making me feel better!!
Sickness is under control and headaches will lessen.

If you suffer from Headaches or Migraines then I strongly suggest you give it a go. The worst that will happen is that you'll spend 2.50 on Tbags that don't work, the best is that it'll help you feel better.

Hope this helps.


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Its certainly worth a try, I've got some peppermint tea in the back of the kitchen cupboard, I'll have to dig them out!

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