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UK being signed off work?

I'm really struggling with ms at the moment. I've been off work now for a week today so my employer is going to want a sick note now. I didn't realise I'd be off for so long when i went off last Thurs, I thought I'd have a day or 2 and rally enough to go back to work, which is what i did a couple of weeks ago when ms first hit. However, it's got worse and i've had to duck into bathrooms to be sick at work and it's really stuffy as you can't open the windows on the first floor where i've been working for h&s reason....

Also to explain, this is not my permanent employer, I don't normally work summer hols but I have a temp contract with another employer over the summer. Does being a temp employee make a difference? They also don't know I'm pregnant, do i need to tell them before I give them my sick note?

I'd really like to ideally take the rest of this week off and then try and go back next week. Can i get a retroactive sick note for the days I've been off? I stupidly didn't realise I'd want more time off last week or I would've gone to the docs then. I'm worried the doc will say they can sign me off for next week but not past dates, if that makes sense?

Also I'm just assuming that I'll be able to get a sick note for ms? I know other people who have.

Sorry rambly, I had a mini meltdown this morning and sat crying on the bathroom floor on phone to hubby because I felt so miserable and haven't quite returned to coherence yet.

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Just ring the GPor midwife hun Ive been pretty much signed off for the last 12weeks. The reason for being off is on the sicknote though so you might want to tell your employer? Im not sure about back dating one but Id ring the gp surgery and ask to speak to a dr and explain the situation and ask about back dating it. Good Luck and hope you feel better soon!

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First 7days is self certified and you get the self cert off you employer. After that you need a gp to do it. Problem you have now though is gp is going to state your condition and on you self cert you would need to do the same its for legal blah blah. Tummy bug, feeling sick are not phrases you can use on it.

On the plus side if they then know your pregnant they can adjust work around you to an extent and legally you get time off for all appointments

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My doctor didn't put ms on my sicknote last time, it was something generic like nausea or fatigue or something so it wasn't totally obvious (i did tell them after about week8 as i ended up being off nearly the whole first trimester, i just couldn't get out of the door) so they may give you a generic sick note.

On the retrospective sick note, no they can't do that, so if you are past the point where you can do a self certification (normally around a week) you need to speak to your docs asap to ensure your sick note covers the correct dates - even if you don't hand it in for a month, make sure it starts soon as the doc also normally won't start it from before they actually see you. you will just need to self certificate for the days you've already had and hopefully if you don't include days off you will be within your days.

I don't know how it affects temporary employment sorry, i know your rights are slightly different but not exactly how, it's worth contacting hr to check if you will get sick pay etc

Hope this helps a wee bit and feel better soon!! (but not too much better) xx

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