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It's crazy what some people do! It's unfair and it just isn't right! It blows my mind some of the things hubby's cousin has said/done over the years. In fact, a couple months before I got my BFP she was telling me how to basically work the system like she does and get everything for free... And I'm like no thanks. I'd rather live by the rules and try my best, but it still doesn't me what I need. She takes her kids to the doctor after one cough or sneeze and all I can think is I bet if you had to pay for it you wouldn't be doing that. Let alone the fact that she can afford her cigarettes!

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Originally Posted by Estesbaby View Post
It seems like its that way for most people. Hubby has a cousin who she refuses to work, only her husband works and she takes care of their kids, but she has no insurance, and her kids have government insurance, and she gets all the benefits. But because DH and I are trying our best to no live that way, we get no help. It's silly to me, but oh well no one asked my opinion.

I have heard that about consolidation before, so we will have to be careful, but I don't think there is another option really unfortunately. I'd love to just pay them what they want every month and be done with it, but that's not going to happen. My loans are all private too, the ones I'm worried about anyways, so that also complicates it as it seem the private companies can do whatever they please!
I feel your frustration. It seems the government doesn't want to help those of us that want to help ourselves. I can't comment about student loans because I had a full ride (I guess the only perk for being legally blind) and dh's dad paid for him. I can comment about debt consolidation in general. Again, I am NOT sure if it is the same but we have been in debt consolidation for four years. What they did was worked with creditors to lower interest rates. It has worked well for us but some people say no. I would ask how they do it. If they attempt to get a lower interest rate, then that would work. They collect a monthly payment from us then send it off to our creditors. The only issue we had was when someone refused a payment (yes their error not careones!!!) and then they started harassing me via telephone. A few weeks later, I got an apology in the mail on their error. I guess they were too embarassed to call back.

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