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I wouldn't worry. I ate a big slab of camenbert the other weekend before I realised I shouldn't have done that.

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I think blue cheese is on the 'avoid' list because the mould carries the risk. It's done now though so no point stressing. Chances are it'll be fine. I treated myself to a McD's milkshake the day before the 'we can't eat mcflurries' thread popped up!

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Originally Posted by Klandagi View Post
It's VERY common place for women in Europe to eat soft cheeses. Women in Asian countries even continue on high mercury diets eating raw fish.

It's just not worth stressing over. If it was you'd never be able eat out at all or eat ANYTHING that came out of the ground and was consumed raw.
and in those countries there is a higher rate of fetal demise

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I definitely won't eat soft cheeses again. I'm aware of the risks. Some people may argue that back in the day, their grandmother never had a list of things not to eat while
pregnant and the baby was healthy, but.. I think it's great that we have made advances in our medical knowledge that help us to know what to avoid. It isn't fun having so many things to worry about but it's only 9 months. It's worth it

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Old Aug 15th, 2013, 04:01 AM   15
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if your before the 8-9 week mark eating or drinking 'prohibited' items during pregnancy isn't too much of a worry.
up until this point the baby is still feeding off the yolk sack and at this point is went the blood flow from the placenta is established and the mothres body starts taking over, thats why around this point some women experience a drop in symptoms - the hormones settle as the body starts doing what is is meant to do - support the baby.

before this your at lower risk of causing any problems to the baby through food or drink because there is no blood line established so there is a much lower risk or things passing through to baby.

after the 8 week mark i will say start listening to doctors advice about not eating/drinking certain things and listen to what your body is telling you as well. if your body is telling you it doesnt look safe then it probably isnt so steer clear.

when i was pregnant with the twins i had a salad once and everyone else gobbled it down but i didnt and ate a sandwich. something told me it didnt look good. don't know what it could have been but everyone else who ate it had a bad stomach for the next two days. i didnt because i had the sandwish

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So you know not to do it again but it's not worth worrying about now as it's done and there is nothing you can do!!

I think most people will do something/eat something/behave in a way they shouldn't at some point when they are pregnant and most of the time the restrictions are simply to be on the safe side and err on the side of caution. While I agree that we should try not to do the things/eat the things we shouldn't I would refuse to be made to feel guilty over a mistake.


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