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implantation bleeding/irregular periods

About 2 1/2 yrs ago (after birth of my son) i started having irregular periods. I went to the doctor and took medication to get them back on track.My periods were back to normal until last month (7/1) my period last 2 weeks and it was is 8/15 & no signs of a regular flowing period.On 8/13 when i went to the restroom i had a small amount of Pinkish/bright red blood when i wiped so i automatically thought it was my period starting so i put on a pad. when i went to the restroom again there was no blood on the pad or no blood when i wiped.on 8/14(yesterday) i again had small amount of blood when i wipe. The "spotting" is on and off.i only see it about once or twice on these two days each. The blood is not enough to wear a pad because i only see it sometimes when i wipe(like i mentioned,the "spotting" is on and off) I didnt experience this with my first pregnancy so im a bit confused. I also have had nausea,headaches,back pains,frequent urination,change in appetite. I want to take a HPT but i think it is too early. Anyone got an advice of what i am experiencing is implantation bleeding or what?

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I can't say 100% what you are experiencing is implantation bleeding, but it sounds a little like the implantation bleed I had when i was pregnant with my DD. It was very light pink when i wiped so automatically thought AF was coming. I put on a pad just incase since it was just before bed time and there was nothing there the next day just AF like cramping. I took a test that day and got an immediate BFP. The only way you will really know is if you take a test. Good luck.

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