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anyone unsure how far along you are?

Okay so I have a history of ovarian cysts. Sometimes I don't get my period and if it takes too long, I get meds to start my period. Well I have no clue when I got pregnant and didn't even realized I probably had my last "period" 6+ weeks ago and have no clue when I ovulated.

I know each pregnancy is different.

4 pregnancies- I got fatigue around 6 weeks.
My last of the 4 I also got morning sickness about about 6 weeks in addition to fatigue.

This time I am a little nauseated and have felt fatigue for about a week which is why I took a HPT and ZOMG I am pregnant.

I feel like a dummy being 32 years old, having had 5 kids and can't tell the doc how far along I think I am lol

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Yup, me!
I've got PCOS, and never went back on birth control after my 2nd girly with the idea of NTNP. With my first 2 I'd check daily with sticks to see if I ovulated yet (which is a massive hassle when your cycles are roughly 3 months long each!), so knew how far along I was pretty much to the day.

This time I didn't think I'd even ovulated as I'd shown no signs what so ever, and had only had 1 period. Only tested because my 3 year old suddenly started talking about 'the new baby', turns out she was right!

Now, I *think* I'm around 7 weeks pregnant at the moment ... but the only thing I've got to go on is the darkness of my test, which I know isn't reliable at all. Going by my last period I'd be 11 weeks, but highly doubt that.

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I'm unsure due to getting my BFP before a missed period and also having an early scan out me back two weeks my my midwife said this doesn't make sense so I should be as her original estimation, puting me at 11 weeks.
got my 12 week scan next week which will either be just that or ill be 10 weeks..which was the case with my DD but I didn't mind as I got an extra scan at 13 weeks :-) xoxo

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I didn't know how far along I was. Because of irregular cycles and when I got a BFP I knew I was somewhere in the 9 to 13 week range. Ultrasound put me at 10 weeks. If you had a period 6 weeks ago your dates won't be as far off as mine. It's not always ready pinpoint ovulation unless you're temping and using opk's so I don't think it's a big deal you're not sure how far along you are.

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I'm not sure exactly, my periods were whacky month-to-month and I ovulated late so I think that puts me around 5.5 weeks, but not sure. I've had extreme exhaustion since I got my bfp and just started getting a little queasy/nauseous.

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Me! I have very irregular periods too & my last was July 10th. But I got a negative around sept first then a positive the 16th. So they're just sending me to an early scan to see tomorrow

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