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Confused About Why I Have To Retake Blood Test

I had my blood tests on Thursday when I seen the Midwife for my appointment.. But yesterday I had a phone call from the doctors saying I had to go back in 2 weeks to retake some blood tests (not sure how many), they said it was nothing to worry about but didnt give me an explanation as to why, My friend said this happened to her because they had just forgot to send the blood tests off to the right department or something but I'm a bit worried. Has this happened to anyone else?

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Give ur midwife a ring and ask her... that's what they're there for, she won't mind x

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I agree, just make a quick call and ask, it is your body you are entitled to know what is going on, i hope its nothing serious.

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It could be that they clotted or something so they couldn't be read. Or they went in the wrong bottle, or one was missed. Probably something annoying and simple so don't worry. If there was anything wrong they would have told you.

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it could be the bloods they do at your booking in app? was the first bloods to confirm the pregnancy? if so it might be your hcg is a little on the lower side and they want to ensure they have rose?

id just ring and ask


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My sis-in-law had to have her bloods taken again because the hospital lost the reults of her iron level and blood sugar level...fancy that!

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i had to go back last week because my previous sample from the week before had just clotted, so it was no big deal. but you are definitely entitled to an explanation so that you don't have to worry. if they hadn't given me a reason i would have panicked.

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