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so hungry, even when I eat a lot..

I keep going back and forth, from nauseated and nothing sounds good, to super hungry and eating only what sounds good but even when I eat I am still so hungry feeling that I feel nauseous... I am not sure how to combat this... I've been trying to eat healthy as I can with the nausea... if this happens to anyone else, what do you do to help it? It's almost like a vicious cycle.. if I feel hungry I get nauseous... it will definitely be worth it in the end though!!!

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I'm a bit like this. I nibble all day on all sorts of snacks. Last week I was really good and had carrot and celery sticks chopped up, as well as some sliced apples.I should stop being so lazy and do that again! I also find orange juice to be a good filler that settles my stomach, but that might just be me. And my drawer at work is filled with crackers and biscuits and pretzels. Air popped popcorn is a good one too.

All I can suggest is to do what works for you. Your body is smart and will ask for more food if that is what it needs.

If it is really bad and you are vomiting it's a good idea to see your doctor.

hope you feel better soon!

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