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Macrobid for UTI

Around 10 days ago or so I went in to the hospital and found out I had a UTI. I was prescribed Macrobid and it was only today, when I am on my very last pill that all the really bad nausea and vomiting I have been having the past week is because of that stupid pill.

For those getting UTIs what are you being prescribed and it is causing massive amounts of nausea/vomiting?

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I broke out in hives with macrobid. If you get some probiotics it'll help you get your good bacteria back. With high levels of progesterone some women get recurring uti's as it throws your system off. Probiotics will restore your 'good' gut bacteria (especially after an antibiotic wipes everything out). It'll help stop the terrible itching anyway!!

There's been speculation that your gut bacteria can contribute to baby's allergies. I don't think it's proven yet exactly how weak gut bacteria effects baby but all the progesterone isn't helping you stay normal.

Candida (over growth of yeast due often worsened by too much sugar in the diet) is often what causes uti's, probiotics prevent this condition (as well as limiting dietary sugar).

Probiotic prevention:

What causes candida/uti (fungus overgrowth) & itching:

What it looks like in a pregnant lady:

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I am on cefalexin. It has made my foof all sore and itchy so think i have thrush now. Great! Still, uti needs treating so just have to put up with it.

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