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11 weeks symptoms are back

Ugh, just when I expected the symptoms to start calming down somewhat, they are back with a vengeance! Is anyone else experiencing this??
Just this week, my boobs feel like they are on fire most of the day, which is a totally new symptom for me, I've never had any breast tenderness in previous pregnancies. And the nausea sure has picked up again, I feel like I'm in week 7 again!!
Also, I feel extra wet 'down there', I am constantly checking for blood, fluid etc. This is making me super nervous, as my last pregnancy ended at 17 weeks, I had felt a surge of watery fluid come out, went to the hospital to find I had dilated and membranes were buldging. If anyone can calm my nerves on this one, that would be great!!

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Mine were bad with sickness and really sore boobs from 5.5-8 weeks then they kinda stopped and I just had slightly sore boobs and tiredness

Today I've woken up feeling really sick and tired and my boobs are killing me!

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