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Popping over from ttc - cervix checking

Hi ladies! Hope your all well.

Me and oh took a break from trying for a baby since before Christmas as we booked our wedding so wanted to wait until we were married. Before we took our break for a couple of cycles I checked my cervix every day to try and learn what it was like (I know this isn't always a reliable way of telling your pregnant but something else to obsess over right?) anyway after having two babies my cervix always felt slightly open even when if was supposed to be closed. Some days was more open than others but always a little slit which iv read is normally after giving birth.

After getting married two weeks ago we started trying again, I ovulated on our wedding day I believe due to ovulation pains in the morning. I checked my cervix this morning and it's closed, I mean fully closed! No slit or nothing like I normally have. Could this be a sign?

Has anyone else experienced this and been pregnant? Xx

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Hi! I know they say cervix checking isn't reliable but it was a sign for me.... My cervix was very high and wet and soft all the way through my LP, it felt slightly open at first and then all of a sudden it was closed tight! I kept saying i didnt want to get my hopes up but secretly i was feeling positive... and i got my BFP! I'm now 7w1d pregnant, hope this is a sign for u, lots of baby dust xxx

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Mine was low and very closed before I got my BFP...fingers crossed for you!

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The morning I got my BFP, I already had my annual exam scheduled for that day, and my doctor told me even by looking/feeling my cervix, she would be unable to confirm pregnancy so early along. So....I wouldn't put all your eggs in the cervical position/texture basket.